(Data Sheet pdf)


  • High quality monodirectional color video transmission (5Hz - 8 MHz)
  • Two Audio/Data Channels multiplexed with video.
  • Audio with Sound quality, (BW=15 KHz)
  • RS 232 / RS 422 Data multirate DC to 19.2 Kbaud
  • Very compact Stand-alone Box and Eurocard shielded package versions.
  • LED/PIN versions, operating at 850 nm wavelength for 50/125 and 62.5/125 MM fiber
  • LD-FP / PIN versions, operating at 1310/1550 nm wavelength for 9/125 SM fiber


  • FOM-110-TVxy-E (VIDEO + x + y ) TX, 850 nm, MM Fiber, EUROCARD 
  • FOM-110-RVxy-E (VIDEO + x + y ) RX, 850 nm, MM Fiber, EUROCARD
  • FOM-130-TVxy-E (VIDEO + x + y ) TX, 1310 nm, SM & MM Fiber, EUROCARD
  • FOM-140-TVxy-E (VIDEO + x + y ) TX, 1550 nm, SM & MM Fiber, EUROCARD
  • FOM-130-RVxy-E (VIDEO + x + y ) RX, 1310-1550 nm, SM & MM Fiber, EUROC
  • X AUDIO-(A) or DATA-(D) signal multiplexed with Vide
  • Y AUDIO-(V) or DATA-(D) signal multiplexed with Video
  • STE-820 SUBRACK, 19" 3U, with POWER SUPPLY


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