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Cellular & General RF Remotization


The Cellular and analog RF Remotization product line offered by OPTEL includes Electrical-to-Optical and Optical-to-Electrical converters, able to transport transparently, over singlemode fiber, for short and long distance, any RF Analog Signal in the frequency range of 10 to 2400 MHz (optionally 3000 MHz).

The range of products is devided in the following main families:
OTX-225x-B series 0.3-2.2GHz Analog RF-Cellular Opt. Transmitters, DFB 1310 - 1550 nm uncooled Laser, shielded BOX

OTX-226x-B series 0.3-2.2GHz Analog RF-Cellular Opt. Transmitters, DFB 1310 and 1550 nm with TEC Laser, shielded BOX.

ORX-22xx-B series 0.3-2.2GHz Analog RF-Cellular Opt. Receivers, 1310 -1550 nm PIN, shielded BOX.

OTR-24xx-E series 0.2-2.4 GHz Analog RF Opt. Transceivers, DFB 1310 - 1550 nm uncooled Laser / PIN, shielded EUROCARD.


The Cellular solutions, offered by OPTEL's Product Line can find efficiently and cost effective applications in many situations, including:

  • 450 MHz and 900 MHz ETACS BTS Remotization,
  • 900 MHz GSM BTS Remotization,
  • 1800 MHz DCS BTS Remotization,
  • 2100 MHz UMTS BTS Remotization,
  • VHF, UHF, Analog optical Links (any RF Analog signal)


All the products consists of very compact shielded BOXES and EUROCARDS suitable to be delivered as a "COMPONENT" to OEM RF and MICROWAVE SYSTEM SUPPLIERS.

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